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I am sure most of us have heard the news of the manhunt going on in California for ex police officer/navy officer, Christopher Doner. Doner is alleged to have killed the daughter of an ex police officer as well as her fiancee and also killed a police officer and injured another.

The LAPD is on the hunt for him but civilians are being shot by the LAPD because they were ‘mistakenly’ taken for Doner.My question is, the 2 women shot were driving a different make, color and model van from what Doner was driving, plus, they were TWO WOMEN – one 40 and one 70.When the LAPD officers opened fire on them (they were in their vehicle delivering newspaper), if the women had licensed firearms and returned fire on the officers, how would the law treat the 2 women? Would they be treated as criminals and charged or would the law see it as them acting in self defense? Just a thought….